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Learning about Original Medicare, Part A & B, with Rob Colangelo and Lisa Bocchino

Founder of Colangelo Group, Rob Colangelo, spoke with Lisa Bocchino about his start in Medicare, what Medicare is, and the basics of Medicare Part A and Part B.

For more than 10 years. Rob Colangelo has focused specifically on the unique needs of Senior Care
and the available Medicare plans to meet those needs, making Colangelo Group one of Westchester’s Premier Medicare Insurance advisers.

In this episode, Rob and Lisa discussed:

  • What Is Medicare
  • What Does An Independent Insurance Broker Do
  • What is Medicare Part A
  • What is Medicare Part B
  • And much more!

Check Us Out Again on May 17,2021 at 4:30 p.m. E.S.T. On WVOX 1460AM

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