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Are you wondering why you need a Medicare agent? Or maybe you’re asking yourself the difference between a Medicare agent and another type of health insurance advisor. Either way, a Medicare agent can help you navigate the sea of information generated by the hundreds of different health plans and providers available today.

For some people, the idea of working with a Medicare insurance agent might seem unnecessary. After all, you can find a lot of information about Medicare online and from other sources. However, Medicare can be confusing. There are different types of plans, and many of them have add-on options. Different companies offer different plans through each category, and they all vary in cost and coverage. Plus, you might already have other insurance (like an employer-sponsored plan) that you’ll need to coordinate with Medicare.

Make Informed Decisions

Medicare agents are experts in their field, and they know how to use that expertise to help people find the right coverage. A Medicare agent can provide you with information on all the plans available to you. It’s their job to answer your questions and explain the differences between Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Part D, and other plans. They can’t give you medical advice, but they are trained to help you evaluate each plan based on your needs.

Medicare plans change every year, and so do the rules surrounding them. Agents have access to all this information and do so in order to keep up on policy changes, plan rates, new policies available, and more. They’ll pass that information along to you so that you never miss anything important or get stuck with outdated information.

Agents are familiar with all the plans available in their area, and they’re trained to help you evaluate each one.

Medicare agents aren’t the same as salespeople who work for individual insurance companies. Insurance agents can help you compare plans offered by multiple insurance companies and provide unbiased advice about your options.

Because agents don’t work for any specific insurance company, they aren’t biased toward any particular option.

How will a Medicare Agent help me?

During your consultation, an agent will ask about your goals and budget. Agents take into account all of these factors to help you figure out which plan is best for you based on your own unique needs. You’ll be presented with several plans that meet those goals within your budget to choose from.

A Medicare agent is always there for you. If something changes in your life — if your health deteriorates, for example — a Medicare agent can help you look for a new plan that better fits your needs. If your budget changes, they can help you find more affordable options. And if your plan has issues — if your insurer doesn’t pay a bill, for example — they can represent you and follow up until it’s resolved to your satisfaction.

Have Someone On Your Side.

A Medicare agent is a licensed advisor who works for you, not for the insurance companies. All in all, a Medicare agent can be a valuable asset to you and your family down the road. Providing you with peace of mind regarding your health plan, a Medicare agent is your first stop for all things Medicare-related. There is absolutely no cost to the client, so it’s not one that should be passed up.

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